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    Phoenix Engineering LCC

    Phoenix Engineering provides design and consulting services for RF, Hardware, Software and Computer Aided Design. We provide end to end solutions from concept to production in a Quick-Turn highly competent environment. Experienced in the Land Mobile Radio, Marine, Test Equipment, Consumer Electronics and Pro Audio industries, we look forward to helping you successfully bring your product to market.

  • What we Provide

    Consultation Phase

    We will work with you to help define product specifications and a feature/function spec that meets your customers' requirements. Once the design requirements are clearly identified, we will prepare a detailed quote for engineering services as well as a preliminary build cost and a list of deliverables.
    Design Phase

    During the design phase, we will provide constant feedback regarding project status and make samples or prototypes available for approval when appropriate. A detailed BOM with material and assembly costs can be provided as the design progresses.
    Manufacturing Phase

    When the design is completed, we can assist with PCB fabrication and contract manufacturing for assembly. Test fixtures and QC processes can be developed to aid with production. Phoenix Engineering can also aid in preparation for FCC type acceptance and environmental testing (Mil-Std 810).
  • RF Design

    Analog RF Design to 1 GHz

    From receivers and PLL circuits to low power transmitters, we have over 25 years experience in designing high quality, low cost and easy to manufacture RF modules and assemblies. Using state of the art test equipment and simulation software, we can bring modern stable designs to market faster with more reliability, servicability and manufacturability than ever before.

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    Hardware Design

    Analog, Digital and Microprocessor Designs

    Over 40 years experience in hardware design using discretes, ICs, ASICs and µPs (8051 and 6800 cores). From simple interface circuits and "glue logic" to audio circuits and complex embedded systems, we have the experience and know how to create superior designs that work right the first time.

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    Embedded Firmware and Visual Basic Apps

    Assembly language programming is fast becoming a lost art, but it is still the best choice for embedded applications, creating the smallest, fastest and most efficient code available. We have over 35 years experience writing embedded firmware on 8051 cores from numerous manufacturers as well as Motorola series 6800 processors. We also offer capabilities in Visual Basic for stand alone PC applications.

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    Computer Aided Design

    Schematic Capture, PCBs & Gerber file editing

    A lot of consulting firms only offer a small part of the design solution. Phoenix Engineering can supply end to end solutions from concept to finished product. We are experts in not only RF, Analog and Digital design, but schematic capture, BOM development and multi-layer & impedance controlled PCB layout. We also provide complete design verification and gerber file manipulation to ensure the PCB's come out exactly as intended.

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    First Article, Troubleshooting and Test Fixtures

    Phoenix Engineering can prototype and verify the design before going to PCB fabrication and deliver a populated working circuit board in prototype or full production quantities. We also provide troubleshooting and production support as well as custom test fixtures for QC and production.


    Quality Control and Process Analysis

    Phoenix Engineering works with a number of US based PCB fabrication houses, both production and prototype, as well as contract manufacturers to build surface mount, through hole and mechanical assemblies. We also provide assistance in Quality Control and can audit your production processes for improved efficiency.

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    RF Design

    Like most consulting companies, Phoenix Engineering makes extensive use of RF design software to simulate the circuits before commiting resources to PCB fabrication. Simulation software is only as good as the device models used in those simulations. While device manufacturers usually provide modelling data or S-Parameters, we found that many times the data was too coarse or just out right too inaccurate to be useful. The prototypes built on the simulated data did not produce the desired result. There had to be a better way....

    Using state of the art vector network analyzers, we are able to accurately measure the device S-Parameters under the actual voltage and current conditions used in the circuit. This produces a much better model for the simulation software. The first pass prototype matching networks measure much closer than with previous design methodologies.

    Subsequent design passes are done the same way: We measure the S-parameters of the device with the new matching networks in place and feed the updated model back into the simulation software. The errors encountered in each pass quickly converge and after only 2 or 3 iterations, the simulations are nearly identical to the actual prototype circuit and the design works as intended.

    Once the simulation and prototype parameters are synchronized, we can do further analysis and simulations on noise, stability and component variations (Monte Carlo Analysis) for reliability and yield.

    The circuit is only one aspect of the RF design process. At Phoenix Engineering, we understand the requirements for FCC part 15 and 90 type acceptance and design products that exceed those requirements. Having submitted many designs for TA, we can verify operation and provide test results that will aid in the submittal to a certification lab.

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    Analog, Digital and Microprocessor Designs

    Phoenix Engineering specializes in mixed analog and digital designs including op-amps, audio & data filters, logic circuits, ADC & DAC circuits, display and interface, M2M interfacing, serial communications, 3 wire SPI & CAN interfacing, low power SMPS applications and high end tube audio circuits

    Many of our designs are microprocessor based and include firmware development, in-circuit programming, memory and E²PROM interfacing, user interface (keyboards, softkeys and LED & LCD displays), interfacing to ASICs (application specific ICs) and multi-processor configurations.

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    Software and Firmware

    Writing embedded applications in assembly language requires an intimate knowledge of the microprocessor and its resources. Phoenix Engineering has that knowledge and experience to write complex real time operating systems that work predictably and reliably. Over 35 years of coding experience has produced dozens of general purpose libraries of small, fast, tested software modules that become the building blocks of complex applications, reducing time to market and improving reliability.

    Creating software is more than just writing code. Documentation is an important part of the process: Software description, flowcharting, annotation and source code comments are all important elements if the software is to be reliable and maintainable.

    For applications that require stand alone PC software, such as personalization or programming software, Phoenix Engineering provides applications written in Visual Basic that are compatible with the Windows OS.

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    Schematic Capture

    Schematic capture and Bill of Materials are done in Orcad to ensure the two remain synchronized throughout the desgin process and the life of the product. The Bill of Material includes part reference numbers, value, PCB footprint, manufacturer's part number and quantity.

    PCB Layout

    Phoenix Enginering provides complete PCB layout services including final Gerber file editing to ensure the finished board is fabricated as intended. We have over 15 years of PCB layout experience including RF & impedance controlled boards, SMT & through hole, multi-layer, blind & buried vias and thermal management of SMT power devices. All of our PCB's are done on FR4 material with LPI solder mask and hot air solder leveling. Prototype boards are fabricated by Advanced Circuits with standard 5 day turn around. Production boards are done by Excello Circuits with 3-4 week lead times.

    Laying out PCB's is more than just putting down traces on a copper clad board. Besides the myriad rules regarding trace size, spacing, isolation, etc., there are many mechanical considerations that need to be addressed so that on-board connectors match up properly to face plates, the PCB fits properly in the final housing, adjustments are properly placed & well identified and test points & service aids are available for the technician, making PCB design as much art as it is science. Phoenix Engineering understands these finer points of PCB layout and excels at them.

    Gerber File Editing

    The ability to view and edit the Gerber files created by the layout program is an important step, especially when production quantities and costs are involved. The Gerber editor allows you to clean up any peculiarities created by the layout program and allows you to change design parameters on specific elements whereas the layout editor works on a global rule basis. All PCB fabrication houses use Gerber editors to clean up designs before the job goes to film, and if you leave it up to them, you might not get what you wanted. Phoenix Engineering provides this vital final step in the PCB desgin process.

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